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Quick look at Nazar's backdoor - Network Communication

Intro In previous episode we described capabilities of Nazar’s EYService, an passive backdoor that utilize PSSDK to sniff on network traffic. In this post we’ll take a look at how this malware communicates with outside world. Binary Diffing Malware is statically linked with PSSDK which makes analysis not very pleasant, and the fact that this software is long dead and has no documentation doesn’t help either! However it was quite popular back in the day and its not that hard to find examples of usage, the most notable one being metasploit.

Quick look at Nazar's backdoor - Capabilities

Intro Yesterday at a virtual edition of OPCDE Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade disclosed to the world part of his research on threat groups listed in Lost in Translation, a leak of Equation Group tools done by Shadowbrokers in 2017. Shortly after he published an analysis on his blog and shared hashes. During the talk Juan mentioned that he doesn’t really know what the piece of malware, belonging to Nazar APT, actually does so we put some time to find out.